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Waterman, IL 60556
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January 20, 2015

In our December, 2014 newsletter, I shared that the Indian Creek Board of Education was working with Fanning & Howey to facilitate a community engagement process, with the first step in this process being a physical assessment of all school buildings. The findings of these assessments were presented at the December 15, 2014 Board meeting and on our website you will find their document outlining potential building costs as a result of these assessments. The “FCI” cost that you will see on the document is the amount needed to fix the building.

Fanning & Howey have reported that all foundations of the buildings look good except for that of the middle school which has structural problems. Based on the information generated by the facility assessments, Fanning & Howey have developed various options to address the identified building needs. These options were presented to the Board of Education on January 19, 2015. You will also find this document on our website.

The Board has appointed an 18 member volunteer facility planning committee to serve as a focus group. This group will meet with Fanning & Howey on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 and January 22, 2015. On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, two meetings for our community will be held that are open to anyone to attend. The first will start at 5:30 p.m. in the small gym at Indian Creek Middle School, followed by a meeting in the gym at Indian Creek High School starting at 7:30 p.m. Upon completion of all of the community meetings and an analysis of data from various community surveys, Fanning & Howey will present a report to the board at their February 23, 2015 meeting.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Please complete the survey found at the link below. This survey asks for your thoughts pertaining to our buildings.

Thank you and sincerely,
Pamela R. Rockwood, Ph.D.

Click here for the physical assessment results (December 15, 2014)
Click here for Presentation - January 28, 2015 Community Meetings
Slides concerning to enrollment and costs per building




1. Schools exist for students.

2. All students can learn.

3. Education is everybody’s responsibility.

4. A standard of excellence should exist for all.

5. The district strives to create a physically, emotionally, mentally, safe and healthy environment for all.

6. Everyone deserves respect.

7. Adults lead by example: positive role models.

8. Education encourages students to be responsible for developing their academic, social, and civic potentials for life-long learning.

9. A broad and flexible curriculum has basic education as a first priority.

10. Effective communication is important.

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